Ariela Davis is a dynamic educator well known for her engaging and personable style. Though she speaks as quickly as a bona fide New Yorker, her 16 years of captivating and inspiring audiences has taught her to slow down a bit. She made aliya with her family in August 2020, fulfilling a life long dream. Previously she resided in Charleston, SC where she was the the Director of Judaic Studies at the Addlestone Hebrew Academy and the Rebbetzin at Brith Sholom Beth Israel. Her primary areas of academic interest are Holocaust Studies and Israel, and she speaks widely on finding the relevance and meaning of Judaism in today’s world. She has led many trips to Israel for both children and adults, and taught Oral Law at HAFTR Middle School and the Robert M. Beren Academy. Ariela received her BA in Journalism from Stern College for Women, MS in Jewish Education from Azrieli Graduate School, and completed the Lindenbaum Educators Fellowship.

Available for Inspirational Lectures, Holocaust Programs and Scholar in Residence.

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